Helloooo, Gorgeous!

Welcome, and thank you so much for choosing Hairstylist Jessi Ely for your haircare needs. I'm super excited to meet you! I'll ask you to begin by filling out a New Guest Intake Form which will help me get to know you a bit better, and then come right back here to continue the experience and get yourself booked!

Sweet! Moving right along...

You've already introduced yourself virtually, (thanks for that) so the next step in your experience will be actually booking your appointment using the online booking system linked below. Start by booking a "New Guest Consultation" so that we have plenty of time to chat & be sure we're on the same page. Right below New Guest Consultation, you'll see a green button that says "+ Add Service"... Click that & add up to two additional services, then the system will show you my availability. Book the time that works best for your schedule, and if you're interested in booking more than two services in a single appointment, please indicate that in the "About your appointment" section at the top of the page that pops up after you've chosen a time. I'll be in touch to address any additional service requests, or if there are any scheduling problems.

Great! The experience continues...

So you've filled out my intake form, you've booked your appointment, and now you're excited, you're so ready for your hair dreams to finally come true, and ... you're mayyyybe even feeling a little nervous, right? I get it, babe! Meeting a new stylist can be SCARY! So let's talk about what you can expect when you walk into Salon Twelve:Seven for the very first time.


I do my best to greet every single person I see enter the salon, and that is never more true than when I know I have a newbie visiting so I'll for sure be on the lookout for you! If you don't see any smiling faces to tell you what to do yet, go ahead and take a seat in our waiting area to your immediate left next to the retail shelves and I'll be right with you (sometimes a girl's gotta powder her nose ;).

As soon as I can, I'll come fetch you and we'll get started with a thorough chat about your hair's history and your goals moving forward. If you have a Pinterest board of dream hair, I'd LOVE to see it, so don't forget your phone!  Together, we'll make a plan for the day's visit, as well as a long-term plan if that's what will be required to get you from our starting look to your "Dream Hair Final Destination."

If color is part of the day's plan, I'll then leave you to go mix a custom formula for you that will ultimately result in the happiest, healthiest hair you ever did see. I'll offer everything in my amenities arsenal to ensure you're super comfortable, hydrated, and entertained as you process, and then we'll rinse your color at one of our heated, massaging shampoo chairs where I will give you a relaxing and rejuvenating scalp massage. I always say that leaving the shampoo room with clean hair is really just a bonus. It's actually all about the relaxation factor!

We'll then head back to my chair where I'll create for you a masterpiece of a haircut (the likes of which you have never before seen) based on your face shape, lifestyle, and overall goals. Product recommendations as well as styling tips and tricks will be shared as we finish with your blowdry & style, and extended styling lessons are available to book if you'd like to learn easy DIY updo's or fun curling techniques. 

Finally, we will wrap up your first visit by checking you out (I accept cash and credit only), and setting up your next appointment. If you're into it, I'll probably ask to take your picture, and also for a hug as you go on your way. Feel free to decline if you're a photo-phobe or not a hugger. I promise I won't hold that against you! 

I'm truly so excited to meet you, and so grateful that you've chosen me to be your new hairstylist! I can't even wait to see what kind of beauty we're able to create together.

Oh, and I almost forgot...

Please allow me to introduce myself!

Anderson, Indiana