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About Jessi

Hey doll! I’m Jessi, & let me just say - the fact that you have landed on my website thrills me beyond measure! I love to meet and help new people, and introducing myself here is the first step to making that happen for you. I am a laid-back, fun-loving hairstylist, salon owner, and life coach with a natural affinity for making people feel at-ease around me. I’m totally cool with simply relaxing in comfortable silence if that’s the vibe I get from you, but more than anything, the deep conversations & connection that I share with my guests are what drive me and truly fill up my whole heart and soul. 


Cutting and coloring hair has always come naturally & felt easy to me so cosmetology school seemed like the obvious next step in my life journey after graduating from college in 2005. I am technically skilled, and confident in my abilities to transform any head of hair into a manageable and flattering masterpiece. I’m obsessed with painting hair, color melting, bobs, & precision pixie cuts, and I love using my razor to perfect the shape of a style. If these words feel like a foreign language to you, just relax & trust me to do my thing. I’ve got you covered, and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have both during our initial consultation, and as they come up during your service. 


Since physical touch is my #1 love language, joining one of very few industries where I actually touch my guests was a perfect fit, and I think you’ll agree that our shampoo lounge experience is truly second to none. You can look forward to enjoying the relaxing vibration of a heated shampoo chair while your scalp is treated to my signature massage. (Ask me how to extend the massage by upgrading your conditioning treatment!) You are guaranteed to leave feeling super chill and rejuvenated, & I always say, clean, gorgeous hair is just the icing on the cake!


Learning and growth are things that I value highly & do on purpose, as much & as often as possible. I am very spiritual & ever-evolving. I’m a believer & follower of Jesus, but I’m also pretty “woo-woo” & I strive to be open to different lifestyles & ways of thinking. I’m also a Certified Life Coach (with the Life Coach School), & an aspiring psychologist who enjoys exploring and learning more about the human brain, thought work, and cosmic energy. 


I am passionate about helping you maintain your new style at home, and I endeavor to equip each guest with the products and know-how that you need to keep looking and feeling your best every single day. If I seem like your kind of people, let’s take things to the next level & meet in person! Your next step toward making that happen is to visit my New Guest page which will walk you through exactly how to book your own appointment online, at your convenience. 

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About Salon Twelve:Seven

Vision: who we want to BE

Our vision at Salon Twelve:Seven is to be the Anderson area's go-to destination for all things beauty. We care about you and your hair (we have been called "hair-obsessed," and we own that title with pride), and we want to help you simplify the process of looking and feeling your best on a daily basis.

Mission: what we want to DO

Our mission is to promote love, beauty, and wellness in the lives of our guests and our team members alike by providing the highest-quality services, advice, and expertise as well as some of the most effective and environmentally responsible products available to the beauty industry today.  

Field: who we want to SERVE

Our guests delight in making themselves a priority. They are men and women who have a simple sense of style and a true sense of self. They value faith, family, and friends above all else, but also realize that in order to care for others well, one must first care for oneself.

Essence: how we want them to FEEL

We want our guests to feel like family when they enter our space. We strive to provide a comfortably glamorous experience; one that is classy, fun, and relaxing. We hope that each person who graces us with their presence feels cared for, truly heard, and well-loved throughout their entire visit at Salon Twelve:Seven. 


I have been seeing Jessi for 6 years. She really knows hair coloring. I've never been disappointed. She is easy to schedule with and works me in even when I have to change our time. As long as I live in Indiana she will be my hair's best friend. I also love it when she sings while working; she has talents beyond the salon.

Ann E.

First and foremost I appreciate Jessi's talent. She is an amazing hair stylist. She listens and delivers the service you want. Second she is consistent. She remembers the quirks about my hair and cuts and tweaks as needed so that I can style easily. Third she is a wonderful, compassionate young woman and it's a pleasure to visit with her during my appointments. 

Jessi does her work with such ease while engaging in her time with you!!! I always come in so frazzled and leave feeling calm, peaceful and beautiful! Her suggestions feel like they are tailored specifically for me and the fact that she teaches me what/how to style my hair on my own makes me feel equipped! 

Robin A.

Carla M.


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